Extensional flow for a single polymer

Dear LAMMPS users,
I am trying to simulate a single polymer in extensional flow, using UEF package the polymer will get destroyed. Is there any way that I can use boundary condition to apply a flow field for a single polymer?
Or can I add a flow field term to langevin equation and use langevin dynamics in LAMMPS?

Thanks in advance
Reyhaneh Farimani

Can you run your system reliably without all of the features of the UEF package?

Thanks for your fast reply,
I checked,without UEF features or any kind of deform in box size, it does work. The problem ,as I understood it , is adding any kind of periodic boundary condition to my system.

About my second question is there any way to add a flow field to Brownian Dynamics or Langevin Dynamics?

Reyhaneh Farimani

Then the problem is not due to UEF but due to your input geometry.

What is available in LAMMPS is listed in the documentation. If a command/feature is not listed in the documentation it is not available.

Thank you.