Feedback needed on reducing the number of Windows packages for LAMMPS

Dear LAMMPS Windows users,

There are currently an awful lot of Windows binary package variants for LAMMPS and I am looking into how much this can be reduced to make life easier.

There are packages that require administrator privilege and those that don’t, packages with MPI support (two variants) and without, packages with embedded Python and without. Plus we also have plugin packages in multiple variants.

Ideally, this would be reduced to just two variants: with and without embedded Python. They all would have MPI included via the MSMPI package (since that can be run in serial, too) and without requiring administrator privilege (which installs into the user account and not system wide).

The intention is to both reduce the effort of preparing binary packages after a release and make it easier for users to choose.

Please let us know your thoughts and particularly where you would see problems with this.

Thanks in advance.