Filtering in OpenKIM model browser interface

It would be very helpful if you could filter the OpenKIM models by “portable model” and API version. I’m considering writing a simulator (for nested sampling), but I want to know just how many models I’d actually get access to if I implemented an OpenKIM calculator interface.

Hi Noam,
Thanks for the suggestion. It’s on our list to provide filtering on API version and other model requirements. For now you can tell which models are portable and which are “simulator models” by looking at the “Simulator” column in the browse interface of (Select “Browse” from the top menu of then “Models” from the left menu.) Portable models will have “Any” in the Simulator column (i.e. they work with any simulator compatible with the KIM API), and simulator models will have the name of the Simulator with which they work (e.g. LAMMPS). You can largely filter on portable models by clicking the “By Driver” tab above the list of models. All simulator models will show up under the “No Driver” category along with a few standalone portable models that do not have a driver. Currently about 120 of the 635 potentials in are simulator models and the rest are portable.

Thanks. That’s a start, but it’d be great to add the API version as well. At one point I was looking for a potential for a colleague’s application, and I was all optimistic until I realized it was not the current API version (some rebo maybe?).