First bugfix update for the 2 August 2023 stable release posted

Hi Everybody!

Just a quick note that we posted the first bugfix update to the 2 August 2023 stable release.
You can find the release notes on GitHub.

We are quite pleased to see, that there were no serious bugs found in this stable release so far.

The largest update was to the LAMMPS GUI, however, this is “only” version 1.2, since later versions of the GUI require some significant changes to the library interface and LAMMPS internals, which are incompatible with keeping the updates compatible with the original stable release. The latest LAMMPS GUI version (1.5) with all features and updates will be included in the next feature release, which will be released soon (just waiting for a few important pull requests to be completed and reviewed).

One more troublesome note: when testing the Windows installer package, Windows Defender - the virus scanner included with Windows - falsely reported that it contains malware in form of a Trojan and it took quite some effort to convince it otherwise. These kinds of false positives are a known problem with NSIS installer packages and there is little that can be done from our side to prevent it beyond asking all of you that encounter the same issue to follow the instructions from the NSIS web site and report this as a false positive to your anti-virus software vendor. Sorry about this. The installer packages are built on a well protected Linux machine with a cross-compiler and using authenticated development tools, so it is close to impossible to insert malware into the installer.