First release candidate for next stable LAMMPS released posted, 15 November 2018

Hi everybody,

We just posted the next LAMMPS patch, 15Nov18, which is our first release candidate for the upcoming stable release (due end of November, early December).

If you are aware of any minor (or major?) issues, bugs, or inconveniences that could be quickly addressed, now would be a very good time, to download/update to the latest patch version (i.e. unstable branch on github, or “Development version” on the LAMMPS Sandia download site) and check it out.

I would particularly like to encourage people interested in using CMake to build LAMMPS to try out the release candidate version(s), since there have been significant improvements and corrections to the CMake build process, since its introduction in the 22 August 2018 stable release. We have been testing it on 64-bit Linux machines a lot, but much less on other OS/hardware combinations (due to lack of access and time). It is our goal to have the CMake build support all platforms, that are supported by the conventional, make based, build system and then some.

You can submit suggestions, bug reports, or changes to github as issues or pull request or add general comments to

Of course, you can also reply to this e-mail here on the mailing list.
Please help us to make this next version of LAMMPS the best version yet.