Fix ave/time 'start' argument


I am trying to use the command ‘fix 1 all ave/time 1 1 5000 v_temp v_etotal file melt.${temp} start 95000’ to average the last 5000 timesteps of my 100000 step simulation, but instead the files just write the temp and energy values for steps 95,000 and 100,000. How do I get the average of the values in the range 95000 to 100000?

Thank you

This will do no averaging, but output the current data every 5000 steps.
If you want to average of 5000 steps, you need:

fix 1 all ave/time 1 5000 5000

95000 is a multiple of 5000, so the fix will output on that step. If you want the last 5000 steps, you need to start averaging on step 95001

Thank you for your help