Fix deform settings not consistent with restart

Dear LAMMPS users,
Can someone explain to me, why I catch the error «Fix deform settings not consistent with restart»? I catch it when trying to make fix deform as follows:
fix 4 all deform 5 x scale 0.985 z scale 0.985
If I calculate the same string without z component, all calculating without a problem. Maybe I don’t understand, how I should write the case with more when 1 axis?

when restarting from a binary restart file, fix deform expects that the exact same settings are used with the definition of the fix in the current run than what was used when the restart was written.

if this is not desired (e.g. if you want to do a different kind of deformation and not continue an interrupted simulation), then you need to use a different fix id.

more details on this should be in the documentation for the read_restart command.

if you encounter an instance where LAMMPS is not behaving like described in the documentation, please provide more details and - ideally - a simple and fast way to reproduce it (e.g. by providing a simple input deck based on inputs provided in the examples folder.