fix indent problem

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I am using LAMMPS (25 Feb 2016) and have some questions about fix indent command (note: I am a beginner). I am performing an indentation simulation into Cu with the included EAM potential. I move the indenter, minimize and repeat:

  1. In some papers, there is always the load vs displacement curves during nanoindentation. In the manual it says that “This fix computes a global scalar energy and a global 3- vector of forces (on the indenter), which can be accessed by various output commands.” As far as I have understood, the scalar load (F) in the graph is simply the negative of the sum of atom forces obtained by f_ID command. Am I right?

However, I am not sure whatever I am doing is correct or not.

  1. Also, what exactly are force max component initial and force two-norm initial obtained in the log file?

The input file is attached.

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AS_nanoindentation_5_.1.txt (1.72 KB)

What graph and what log file? More generally, you

need to ask a LAMMPS-specific Q, not (if you are)

asking how do I get LAMMPS to duplicate some graph

in some paper. The mail list is not going to figure out
what something means in a paper’s graph that you post.