fix move that was not defined in the new simulation but was in the old simulation showing the velocity component

Dear Lammps users,
I ran my new simulation using a restart file from my old simulation with contains fix move command to move a group of particles in one direction.
Now in the simulation running now, without including the same fix move command, in the dump file it is giving the same velocity component . I visualized it and there it is not moving.
I exclude the same group from nve integration in the second simulation .
I want to calculate the force on that region . I afraid that the non-zero velocity component in the dumped file affect the calculation of the same.

  1. if you don’t specify fix move in the 2nd input script,

it won’t be active after the restart. See the fix move doc page

  1. If you don’t time integrate particle, they won’t move.

  2. What pair style are you using. Almost no pair styles depend
    on velocities to compute forces. Granular and dpd are exceptions.

  3. If you don’t want certain particles to have a velocity, you
    can zero them with the set command.