fix_nph_asphere.cpp: error: identifier "tflag" is undefined


In the 14May16 stable version patched with patch.31May16 and patch.6Jun16


In the 14May16 stable version patched with patch.31May16 and patch.6Jun16

mpicc -O3 -xHost -fno-alias -ansi-alias -restrict -DLAMMPS_GZIP -DLAMMPS_JPEG -DLAMMPS_MEMALIGN=64
-I../../lib/qmmm -DLMP_USER_OMP -I../../lib/colvars -I../../lib/awpmd/ivutils/include
-I../../lib/awpmd/systems/interact -I../../lib/atc -I../../lib/reax -DLMP_PYTHON -I../../lib/poems -DLMP_MPIIO
-I../../lib/meam -DMPICH_SKIP_MPICXX -DOMPI_SKIP_MPICXX=1 -DFFT_MKL -I/usr/include/python2.6
-I/usr/include/python2.6 -c ../fix_nph_asphere.cpp
../fix_nph_asphere.cpp(49): error: identifier "tflag" is undefined
    tflag = 1;
../fix_nph_asphere.cpp(67): error: identifier "pflag" is undefined
    pflag = 1;
compilation aborted for ../fix_nph_asphere.cpp (code 2)

I note that src/ASPHERE/fix_nph_asphere.cpp is the same in 7Dec15 and 6Jun16,
but that fix_npt_asphere.cpp has changed:

diff 7Dec15/fix_npt_asphere.cpp fix_npt_asphere.cpp
< tflag = 1;

  tcomputeflag = 1;

< pflag = 1;

  pcomputeflag = 1;

so probably fix_nph_asphere.cpp was missed in the 6Jun16 patch.

indeed it was. this oversight was corrected in the 8 Jun 2016

Advice is welcome on whether it is time to cut my losses and go back to
the stable 14May16 ? (I'm building lammps for a center so it's not
easy to pick and choose specific packages.)

if you want assurance, that a particular version of LAMMPS builds with
a wide variety of packages included, then you may want to follow the
"lammps-icms" integration branch. for that we have a public
integration testing service configured (for technical reasons, that is
currently not possible for the upstream version, but we are in the
process of setting up a custom, publicly visible CI server where this
will be possible as well). you can see, which commits pass build and
execution tests here:

other than i currently would recommend to either patch all the way up
to the latest patch, 18 Jun 2016, as it has the most bugfixes
included, or indeed stick with the latest stable version.
unfortunately, the process of exchanging of bugfixes, contributed
features and improvements between the LAMMPS-ICMS integration branch
and upstream is not optimal, so that sometimes oversights happen, like
you are currently running into.

BTW: since you are building for other users, i would like to point out
that the REAX package, which you seem to be building with has also
been deprecated (but not yet removed).