Fix rigid

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I have install the 30 Sep 2013 Lammps (serial version). It seems fix rigid command always giving me a error message telling me “invalid fix”. I checked the stasus of RIGID package and it indicated it installed properly. I used the similar command in older parralell version and it worked well.

“fix 1 indent rigid single”

What may cause such error with this LAMMPS version ?

Thanks a lot.
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What do you mean, it indicated it installed properly?

The invalid fix style message normally relates to it not being present, not due to the command being wrong.


probably you haven't rebuilt lammps executable after installing RIGID package. To check this, run "lmp_serial -h" and look if rigid is presented in "Fix styles" section. If it is not and "make package-status" indicates that RIGID package is installed, you need to build lammps again with "make serial".

By the way, it is described clearly in user manual.


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