Fix rigid

Hello, I’m new to Lammps and I have a problem with the fix rigid command. First of all I tried to run the example rigid in the example directory, but I have the error:
ERROR: Invalid fix style (…/modify.cpp:731)

I tried other examples and they works well, such as the example of crack etc. I don’t know if my Lammps version is well built or if the command fix rigid has some problem.
Have you ever had the same problem?
Is there any very simple script with the rigid command, that you know that works, I can try?
Thank you very much

Francesco Tavanti, Ph.D.

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Fix rigid is part of the RIGID package. Please ser Making Lammps for how to include optional packages.


And lmp_machine -h
is your friend. It will show
you if your executable contains fix rigid or not.