fix/vector doc

Is this a typo in the fix/vector example?

Is this a typo in the fix/vector example?

yes and no.

the original .txt file is correct, however the person writing the docs
didn't know that square brackets need to be escaped with a backslash
for processing with txt2html. so the second line would have to read:

fix 5 all vector 1 c_2[4]

compute 2 all vacf
fix 5 all vector 1 c_24
variable diff equal dt*trap(f_5)
thermo_style custom step v_diff



this is off-topic, but i cannot help to remark that i don't consider
it very respectful to use abbreviations like this. on the contrary.
if you take the effort to add a polite sign-off, then you can spell it
out as well. otherwise just leave it out and don't make people wonder


fixed the doc page …


fixed the doc page ...

there are a few more of those cases. will send a patch when i get around to it.