fix wall/reflect can not be used for read data file?

Dear All,

I made a simulation using read data file command. when I run, this error message appeared:

Dear Pak Mauludi,

Maybe the problems are:
1). you do not give the argument after key zlo and zhi, for example
zlo 0.0 zhi 10.0
2). if you do not use lattice command then you should use units box in
the end of "fix wall/reflect" command.


2012/2/10, mauludi ariesto <[email protected]>:

Any command (and there are many) with
a units box or lattice option can be used with
either. Lattice is always the default so you
have to define a lattice in that case whether
you use it to create atoms or not. In that
mode the lattice command simply defines
a length scale (lattice spacings) which is
what the fix wall command needs.