Followed "running a workflow" tutorial, but fireworks are always "waiting"

Hi Atomate team,
Recently I started to learn atomate. I had my config files correctly set up as the installation guide, then followed the instructions given by:
to run MgO band structure calculation.
When I triggered fireworks with qlaunch singleshot, the work on the top of queue seem to have been submitted to the computer clusters correctly, as I could see it using qstat. However, the submitted job seemed to end abnormally fast. Things just end in a few minutes. I searched for the current status of the workflow, and lpad get_fws showed that everything is still waiting, and no firework has even started:
“fw_id”: 1,
“created_on”: “2020-07-31T01:12:56.563464”,
“updated_on”: “2020-07-31T01:12:56.563464”,
“name”: “MgO-nscf line”,
“state”: “WAITING”
“fw_id”: 2,
“created_on”: “2020-07-31T01:12:56.563379”,
“updated_on”: “2020-07-31T01:12:56.563380”,
“name”: “MgO-nscf uniform”,
“state”: “WAITING”
“fw_id”: 3,
“created_on”: “2020-07-31T01:12:56.563288”,
“updated_on”: “2020-07-31T01:12:56.563289”,
“name”: “MgO-static”,
“state”: “WAITING”
“fw_id”: 4,
“created_on”: “2020-07-31T01:12:56.563164”,
“updated_on”: “2020-07-31T01:12:56.571091”,
“state”: “READY”,
“name”: “MgO-structure optimization”
My FW_job.error says:
/opt/gridengine/default/spool/compute-0-15/job_scripts/529414: line 8: rlaunch: command not found
/opt/gridengine/default/spool/compute-0-35/job_scripts/529415: line 8: rlaunch: command not found

However, when I queried rlaunch by “which rlaunch”, the result shows the system still knows where rlaunch is:

What could have been wrong? Could that be my anaconda environment not properly configured?

Fengyu Xie

Have you tried running with rlaunch? Does that work?

For me this looks like the node where the cluster wants to run the calculation is either not running the correct conda environment (so it does not know rlaunch) or maybe it cannot access the database?
I am learning still myself, so this might not be the real issue…