Freezes on execution

Good day
I have been using iFermi for 4 months now. Today I decided to start again. But I got an error associated with pyfftw (I don’t remember what exactly didn’t work). I decided to reinstall iFermi again, since the current version of python 3.10 had to be reinstalled with version 3.6 (with version 3.10 of python, BoltzTraP, which is necessary when building iFermi, did not want to be installed). As a result, everything was installed successfully.
But when I try to run the iFermi line through the command, I have to wait more than 10 minutes and in the end nothing happens (I didn’t have the patience for more and aborting the process), the situation is exactly the same when I try to run through Jupiter.
Please tell me what could be the problem?
P.S. I can’t check if the build is correct because zsh when running pip install .[tests] says zsh: no matches found: /.[tests]