FW: about how to use the tersoff and eam/sf potentials at the the same time

I am new to lammps and i want to use lammps to do the CNB cuting tool to cut the steel(Fe-c alloy).For there are many atoms ,the hybrid potentials is so difficult that i can’t write the lammps code correctly.

pair_style hybrid tersoff eam/fs lj/cut 2.5
pair_coeff * * tersoff BNC.tersoff C C B N
pair_coeff 3 4 eam/fs Fe-C.eam.fs Fe C NULL NULL
pair_coeff 1 3 lj/cut 0.00759200 3.5 9.7625

I want to use the tersoff between atom 3 and 4 ,while use eam/fs between atom 1 and 2 ,how should i write the lammps code?

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pair_coeff * * tersoff BNC.tersoff NULL NULL B N
pair_coeff * * eam/fs Fe-C.eam.fs Fe C NULL NULL

The pair hybrid doc page explains this.