Github source code for materials_project repo

Dear all

I would like to know if there is (or It is thought to be) a public repo for the materials project portal made with Django. I would like to explore models and some functionality that is very interesting to learn from.

I checked this dead URL in the docker repo:

Would it be available this materials_django repo in the future? I would be very grateful for me.

Have a nice day

Hi @jorgelopez.p,

Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately, unlike all other Materials Project codes (pymatgen, custodian, fireworks, etc.), materials_django itself is not public. It contains private code, is all rights reserved and not licensed for re-use. In part, this is to prevent clones of the Materials Project, and in part because it’s easy for a repository like that to contain secrets by accident, so is also kept private for security concerns. It is also not as well-documented as our other codes, and we want to maintain a minimum standard for our public codebases.

Django itself is a very well-documented code however, and I encourage you to check out the Django documentation if you’re interested in making a website with similar capabilities.

Thank you very much for your quick answer.

I understand the decision the source code not to being public.

I have developed some Django projects and the idea of my question is because I was interested in how different technologies are inter-played together in a project like this, specially when processing is involved.

I will follow this project because apart from being web developer, my degree is physics, with a MSc. in computational physics and I can mix now the best of those worlds.

I wish you have a nice day.

Best regards