GPU acceleration

I am trying to run a model on two GPUS with command line “lmp_mpi -sf gpu -pk gpu2 -in”. However, the terminal shows an error with this below.

The weird thing is, the CPU shows the simulation is still running but no output in log file. Is there anyone meet this same problem before and tell me why this would happen? I would be very grateful if anyone can answer my question. Thank you so much!

You forgot to mention which LAMMPS version and what your compilation settings are and what platform you are running on.

The error message is not pointing to any code in LAMMPS but suggests that this is possibly due to the MPI library used. That would then be an issue that you have to contact the user support of the cluster you are trying to run on about.

Thanks for your kind reply, the LAMMPS version is lammps-29Oct20, and the platform is Ubuntu system.