GPU + OMP hybrid run

I am trying to run lammps on 6-core cpu and 1 gpu system as:

3 mpi ranks x 2 OMP threads per rank + 1 gpu
kind of as done in this mail:

I compiled with yes-gpu and yes-user-omp

lmp_mpi -h does show various omp suffixed styles.

But when i run, either as:
lmp_mpi -sf hybrid gpu omp -pk gpu 1 -pk omp 2 -in

or as

package gpu 1
package omp 2

in input file i get following warning:

WARNING: OpenMP support not enabled during compilation; using 1 thread only

why is that?
OMP_NUM_THREADS variable is also set to 2

Sorry for the last email, I just realized i did not add -fopenmp flag.