Grabled LOG-file after running 2e6 steps

Hello guys!

Recently I ran an Equilibrium of my model(see attachment), and try to get density, energy and steps out of it. After running 2e6 steps, 2e5 lines of data should be output, but there are a lot of garbled characters in the obtained log file (see attachment) and only the data of the last hundreds of thousands of steps can be read.
Q:I don’t know what happened, is the file too big?
Thank you for your reading and I’m looking forward to your response.
PS:opening a large txt file,UtralEdit is a good choice.

PT. Schwabe
in.test7_Equili (1.1 KB)
log (2).test7_Equili.txt (5.9 MB)

No, file size does not matter. This kind of data corruption usually has one of three reasons:

  • you have multiple processes writing to the same file, particularly when running on a cluster
  • you have a broken or damaged hard drive
  • you have defective RAM