Graphical interfaces to GULP

I want to just to signal to update the information about the links to GUI for GULP.
Materials Studio it is now commercilaized by BIOVIA; BIOVIA Materials Studio - BIOVIA - Dassault systèmes® (I am not sure about it use with GULP, I haven’t tested it; and I don’t know if is part of the MedeA computational environment). Latest version of GDIS (1.00.00), which is free software, can be found at: GitHub - arohl/gdis: A visualization program for the display, manipulation, and analysis of isolated molecules and periodic structures, and it is now “brought to you by Sean Fleming, Okadome Valencia, and Andrew Rohl”. It seems however that it is not updated to the 6.0 version of GULP. I also wonder if there are other GUI interfaces in particular to analyze the GULP output.

Materials Studio is indeed from Biovia, but unconnected to MedeA which is from a different company and so GULP has no connection to the latter. GDis will still work with GULP 6.0 if you use input/restart files as the thing to be read. It’s possible that somethings in the output might have changed over the years and this breaks GDis’s parser, which is why it’s safer to use the inputs and restart files. I don’t know of any other GUIs to analyse GULP output, but you can output a range of files from GULP that will go into standard packages from VMD to gnuplot (see the output option).

My mail only wanted to suggest to update the links available in your site about the GUI available for GULP: both are broken, i.e., the links are outdated. In particular I wanted to signal the new site of Gdis (Actually, I arrived at GULP from Gdis, and not vice-versa…) since after many years of stop (the project seemed abandoned) it has been revived by another mantainer, and the latest version (1.0, from this year) has removed many bugs - I have not tested fully with GULP, but I will.
Thanks again for GULP.

Apologies for misinterpreting your message - I’ll correct the web links first thing next week. Thanks for pointing out the issues.