Gulp nfsroot install

Installing gulp over an nfsroot file system, the gulp-6.1.2/Src/mkgulp_old_gfortran run with no errors, but
the ./gulp made this error :

  •                   GENERAL UTILITY LATTICE PROGRAM                        *
  •                             Julian Gale                                  *
  •                   Curtin Institute for Computation                       *
  •                School of Molecular and Life Sciences                     *
  •                Curtin University, Western Australia                      *

  • Version = 6.1.2 * Last modified = 3rd November 2022 *

error opening file gulptmp_4_6
Program terminated in subroutine channels attempting to open unit 4

Program terminated by processor 0 in channels

STOP GULP terminated with an error

Have you got any idea about it ?
By advance thank you

When GULP runs, it writes a temporary file on channel 4 to store a copy of your input. This means there are 2 obvious possibilities:

  1. You tried running the executable from a directory where you don’t have read/write permission.
  2. You deleted the temporary files while the job was running (hard to do because you’d have to be fast to catch it during input parsing, so 1 is the more likely explanation).

Thank you
With your answer i realized, i could run (from anywhere where the user got the write access) the gulp binary …
thank you