help compiling USER-MOLFILE


I would appreciate help compiling the USER-MOLFILE package on a linux
OS. The intended use is to get this dump command working:

dump dump1 all molfile 1000 dump-*.pdb pdb .

I do not have VMD installed. Therefore these are the steps I took:

1) Downloaded vmd-lammpsplugin-20130412.tar.gz from here:

2) Compiled the plugin and created the library:

3) In my lammps installation directory, created a directory


4) Copied to the above directory

5) Edited the /path-to-lammps/src/USER-MOLFILE/Makefile.lammps make
file so that
molfile_SYSPATH = -L/path-to-lammps/lib/user-molfile/

6) In the lammps/src directory set

  make package yes-USER-MOLFILE

7) compiled lammps for my system without errors

8) after running lammps I get:

ERROR on proc 0: No suitable molfile plugin found (../dump_molfile.cpp:105)

Thanks in advance for inputs.