Help set priorities for the OpenKIM Project


As a LAMMPS user, we would like to solicit your advice on the OpenKIM project (

OpenKIM�is an open source project that aims to make molecular simulations more
reliable, reproducible, and portable. �We archive interatomic potentials, test
them, and make them available in plug-and-play fashion to major simulation codes
that support the KIM API standard (including LAMMPS, IMD, DL_POLY, GULP and
ASE). We're planning our next development phase and would greatly value the
advice of researchers actively involved in classical molecular simulations.
Please tell us what you think is important for the future of molecular
simulations by filling in a short survey at

It's anonymous and should only take 7-9 minutes. We'll share the survey results,
and if you provide an email in the survey, we'll respond to any general comments
you leave at the end.

We would greatly appreciate a response by Jan 8, 2018.

Thank you,

Ellad Tadmor, KIM Director