Help using dump image for 2d system?

New user here. Thank you for help. Trying to use a very simple format … nothing fancy … to dump jpeg images:

dump d0 all image 1 dump.*.jpg type type

This worked magnificently for a 3d simulation of atoms (3 types, different sizes, no bonds).

It failed miserably for a 2d system. Got weird distortions at edges. Sizes seemed to be misinterpreted.

Does anyone have a simple way to visualize a 2d system of “discs” using an image dump in a LAMMPS input script? Many, many thanks!


It looks like the only problem is that your atoms are all drawn
far too large by 10x or more. The dump image and dump modify
commands have options to set the size of each atom type to
whatever you wish. Probably the default values are not a good
match to the units you are using or the spacing of your particles.