Here's how to connect to Atlas MongoDB

  • Installing FireWorks still suggests, “Set up an account via the mLab web site instructions…” but that should be removed now since mLab no longer allows new accounts.
  • It also suggests MongoDB Atlas but doesn’t document how to set up FireWorks with Atlas. That’s tricky because Atlas creates a server cluster rather than a single server. Having figured it out, I’ve documented how, below.
  • The lpad init command (without -u) asks for a host parameter like 'localhost' or 'mongodb+srv://' but I did not succeed in getting that to work with Atlas. If there’s a way, the steps below could be simpler.

How to configure FireWorks to connect to MongoDB Atlas

On the Atlas website

  1. Create an account at with a strong password (this account will be accessible on the open Internet).
  2. Create a free cluster, name it, and add a database “fireworks”.
  3. Add a database user with a strong password and give it “Atlas Admin” user privileges.
  4. Set “Network Access” to Allow Access from your IP range (or from Anywhere,
  5. Under Clusters > CONNECT, click Connect your application and pick the “driver” “Python x.y or later” corresponding to your pymongo pip version x.y.
  6. Copy the connection URI, e.g.

On your computer

  1. pip install dnspython # needed to access a mongo cluster
  2. Compute the URL-quoted DB user’s password:
    python -c "import urllib.parse; print(urllib.parse.quote('DB USER PASSWORD'))"
  3. Create my_launchpad.yaml, assembling parts of the connection URI with step 2:
    lpad init -u
    Enter host parameter: mongodb+srv://DBUSERNAME:[email protected]/fireworks
    Enter ssl_ca_file parameter:
    Enter authsource parameter: admin
  4. lpad reset

I hope this helps. Thanks all your contributions, people!

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  • MongoDB servers will shut down after December 08, 2020.
  • I guess we should add the ?retryWrites=true&w=majority part to the host URL. (Are those parameters set already by default?)