high temperature of mobile group

Dear lamps users,

For a while, I am trying to simulate graphene/graphite system. graphene
flake is being pulled in the x direction with a spring.
Graphite slabs are all kept frozen. Also I have added additional force in
the x direction to graphene atoms.
All this system is minimized initially. Then, the graphene flake is being
pulled with spring with this additional force.
Actually, I am trying to simulate the case that, graphene flake is being
pulled by an AFM tip which is under certain load.
The problem is that the temperature of the graphene flake is increasing
during the run time up to 55383 K. I can not find the reason. However, when
load is turned off, everything seems ok.
How can I handle loading for this problem?

Thanks for your valuable feedbacks. Here is my input.


Applying a load adds energy to the system, so temperature goes up.

There are various ways to thermostat with and without biases

is there are atoms flowing in one direction. Section howto 6.16

has an overview. But if you add energy too fast, there is

little a thermostat can do. You should also look at how you

are measuring temperature to get the thermal temp, not a flowing

temp (which can be artificially high)