How Build a Nanotubes by Uncommen Atoms?

Here are some open sources that my friends and I find to model a “Nanotube”

  1. TubeGen Online - v3.4
  2. Nanotube Modeler Software
  3. Materials Studio Software(OK, this one not free but it’s so practical) + Atomsk tool(in Linux)
  4. Edit plugins by tcl programming language for VMD(It’s free but very time consuming.)

Hope you find it helpful too.
Sincerely Yours

Actually, VMD has a built-in extension for that under Extensions->Modelling->Nanotube Builder:


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Hi dear mkanski
It’s just for C-C and B-N atoms.

Since LAMMPS uses numeric atom types, this really doesn’t matter.
You can set the bond length, which does matter.

Any other parameters you can easily set from within LAMMPS after you make a choice of which element represents atom type 1 and which atom type 2.

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