how can I distribute N particles uniformly on the surface of a red blood cell model

Dear all

I came across a problem with how to distribute N (500~1000) particles almost uniformly onto the surface of a red blood cell. The theoretical model of the red blood cell is known, do you know how to achieve this?

I checked LAMMPS commands and found fix restrain command may be helpful, but I am not sure. Could any one give me some clue?

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Yihua Zhou

You can distribute particles with randomly assigned types in a
crystalline lattice using a combination of "create_box",
"create_atoms", "region", "lattice", and "set" commands. For details

---- molecule examples ----
You can also do the same thing with molecules:

   example with planar geometry:

   example with spherical/elliptical geometry:

For more details on those approaches, see

Generally, I would recommend you use a "data" file to store the atom
coordinates (instead of using the first approach). You have more
control over the atomic coordinates. (This also allows you later on
to add bonded-interactions between the atoms.)

Disclaimer: I wrote "moltemplate", so most of the examples I post use
this tool. There's a list of other worthy molecule builders (used to
build data files) located at: