How can I understand My structure is Amorphous or not?

Hello LAMMPS community
Many thanks for your kind supports, I tried to simulate super ionic structure & now I’ve a doubt in which way I can understand my structure doesn’t transform to amorphous structure?
in my structure, Sodium positions are changed & they seem disorder(in dump file) but the Zirconium didn’t seem disorder as much as Sodium! (I uploaded picture in below)
Also I want to add something, when I use pair_style lj/cut/coul/long 12 14 (with cut off for coulomb interaction) my structure is very ordered ! but as soon as I remove coulomb cut_off (14), this order will change!

Na in the start of simulation
Na positions in 100 ps
RDF in 100 ps for Na
Zr positions at the begining of simulation
Zr positions in 100 ps

The radial distribution function of atom pairs would quickly typically show a broad peak and then converge to a flat profile at g(r)=1, meaning that the system is isotropic.

It is hard to make a comment on the stability of your results without seeing the whole input.