How can we measure acting force on a group of atom in LAMMPS?

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I have a mono layer panel of atom for uniaxial tension simulation in
LAMMPS. For stress-strain curve I normally plot the pressure in the applied
strain direction with respect to strain.
Now, I want to plot force-displacement curve. In normal sense, we can
compute the force by multiply panel area with pressure (stress).

My question is there any other way to *measure the force between two group
of atoms *in LAMMPS (one is my panel and another is holder section for
uniaxial test).
Thank you in advance.

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*Md Imrul Reza Shishir*
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*UNC Charlotte*
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the total force acting on a group of atoms is the sum of the forces on
all atoms in the group. for that you can use compute reduce.
the total force specifically between to groups of atoms can in some
simple cases, be difference of the total forces from above. for other
cases, there is compute group/group.