How to access xlo, xhi?

Dear LAMMPS users and developers,

I want to use xhi, xlo red from a data file.
The answer
suggest to use xlo and xhi directly since these a thermo keywords,
but an attempt to use '${xlo}' yields an error unless I make
variable xlo equal xlo.
Do I really need to make such self-assignment prior to using a variable, or am I misunderstanding something ?

You are confusing keywords that can be used in a variable expressions and the variable itself.

If you use ${temp} there must be a variable named temp.
Thus you can temporarily define an equal style variable, then output it, and then delete it.
There also is the $(2+2) syntax where you can compute and output an expression. This also works with Thermo keywords. Thus for what you want you could use $(xlo).

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Thanks, $(xlo) works just fine!