How to amplify the displacement display in OVITO?

Hello everyone!
I want to see the atom trajectory of my LAMMPS simulation,but the displacement amplitude is too small to figure out the trajectory. I wonder how to amplify the amplitude to show the trajectory more apparently? Just like the image below:

Thank you again!

Generally, you can deactivate the Particles visual element and also change the line width of the trajectory lines.
Alternatively, you could rescale the simulation cell using an Affine Trajectory Modifier before generating the trajectory lines. Does that work for you?

Thank you very much!
I think it will solve my problem. Thanks again

I just realized that my previous post might not answer your question correctly because rescaling the simulation cell would also rescale the distances between the different starting points of the spiral trajectories.
So here would be another alternative to go about this: Before generating the trajectory lines, please first calculate the particle displacement vectors and then overwrite the particle positions in each frame using a Compute Property Modifier as shown in attached screenshot.

Thank you kalcher!
I’m trying to show the trajectory, maybe there is problem remaining. I will reply to you, thank you for your help!

Hey Kalcher, there is a problem: when I input the expression"Position.X+Displacement.X*50", it will report error:“Unexpected token “Displacement.X” found at position 11.” like the below image. How to fix it? Thanks a lot!

Here is how you should set up your pipeline. Note that the order of the modifiers in the pipeline is important.

  1. First calculate the Displacements Vectors by applying a Displacement vectors modifier to your pipeline. You should set the frame offset to -1 for the reference animation frame.
  2. Now you can use the Compute property modifier to modify the particle positions as shown in above screenshot. (The Output Property needs to be “Position” not Displacement.)
  3. Finally you can generate the Trajectory lines using a Generate trajectory lines modifier

Thank you ! Finally I solved this problem! It is very funny that I thought the right order in the pipeline is from top to bottom. Actually the opposite is true. Thanks again!