How to apply pressure load

dear sir
I am simulating a bearing lubrication system. The model is shown in the picture. When I apply pressure load to two metal layers, I use this command “fix 6 Fe1 setforce 0 0 0.1”. This creates a problem. , My system will be compressed all the time, and finally the lubricating liquid layer will disappear. How should I apply the pressure load correctly?

Hi Ganying,

I think you can have a try with ‘fix aveforce’ which average a total force and evenly distribute to all rigid particles.

By the way, how did you set your rigid part(metal layers)? Previously I was doing a similar compression. I combined ‘fix rigid’ where I set force X,Y off Z on and all torque off and ‘fix aveforce’, which gave me pretty good results.

Hope this can help.