How to convert the specific heat real unit to unitless Lj for LAMMPS?

Hello ALL,

Suppose I have the specific heat of a material in real units (650(J/Kg K)), Could you please help me how to convert it to lj units. I want to use Set edpd/cv command to specift the heat capacity of beads for my material.

I went through conversions for lj units in LAMMPS documentation (following link), but still have a hard time figuring out the heat capacity unit in lj
units command — LAMMPS documentation.

Can somebody help me with this please?

I worked it out: Q=Cv m (delta T) [I followed the same method as in LAMMPS documentation for Electric field}
Cv=Q/(mdeltaT) ----> (ε/m_carbon/(ε/kB)) {used reduced units for energy, mass, and temperature}

C*v= Cv/(KB/m)=Cv(m/kB)

I hope I did it right. if any one find it incorrect please let me know, Thank you