How to deal with this "blocked" version?

“error”: “Your IP address has been (temporarily) blocked due to inefficient or abusive traffic. Please make yourself familiar with our terms, make sure to run the latest version of the mp-api client (mp-api · PyPI), read our documentation (, and consult our forum (Materials Project - Materials Science Community Discourse). Afterwards, reach out to us per email to [email protected] if you think your use case is legitimate.”,
“version”: “blocked”

For anyone having the same issue, please send me your MP account email and IP address in a direct message - DO NOT POST it in a response on this thread!


Hi @tschaume,
I’am a new comer here and not familiar with the operation of forum. I have encountered the same issue as Wangshuqi,how can i send the MP account email and IP address to you in a direct message pls? thank you!

@CindyLiu2 click on my username @tschaume and you should see a “Message” button to send me a direct message.

@tschaume Can i write my user name n IP here? I cant find message button.

Me too. I cant find message button. :neutral_face:

There is no “message” button displayed.

@Peizhen_Yang and @Hamza_Hamza I’ve sent you a direct message. For anyone else, please send your MP account details and public IP address to the support email mentioned in the error message. Thanks!