How to determine the miu in the fix gcmc command?

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I want to insert atoms with a specified chemical potential on the surface of a solid catalyst to observe the structure of the solid surface under in-situ conditions. I have now calculated the corresponding chemical potential of atoms under in-situ conditions using VASP. I would like to know if the chemical potential calculated using VASP can be directly used in the fix GCMC command in LAMMPS? If not, how should I convert it?
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Chemical potential is defined relative to a reference state. So you need to make sure LAMMPS and VASP are using both the same units and reference state for chemical potential. Some details here: fix gcmc command — LAMMPS documentation.

Thank you very much for your answer, but I have a new confusion now. In the LAMMPS documentation for the fix gcmc command, the formula for λ calculation states whether m represents the molar massor the mass of an individual particle?
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I think the expression

and m is the mass of the exchanged atom or molecule

is quite clear. It is the mass of the individual object in the currently used units, e.g. in AMU for real or metal units.

Thank you for your response, I appreciate the reply you’ve provided. However, I still have some lingering doubts .
I would like to use this formula to directly calculate the chemical potential of a hydrogen gas reservoir under specific temperature and pressure conditions in GCMC simulation. However, my teacher mentioned that the formula provided in the manual is only applicable to single-atom gases (such as He, Ar, etc.), and using this formula would neglect the bond energy within the molecule. In this scenario, I am curious to know what would be a suitable approach to determine the chemical potential corresponding to a specific temperature and pressure in GCMC.
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Fix gcmc was implemented for studying noble gas diffusion in rigid frameworks like zeolites. Everything else was an afterthought. Please note the intra_energy keyword. How to correctly apply it is essentially your job.

Dear Dr. Axel,

Could you please advise which command should be used to calculate this parameter in LAMMPS for use in GCMC and how to calculate it?

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I cannot. GCMC is not my area of expertise. You will have to do what everybody has to do when starting a project with unfamiliar methods: study the publications describing and explaining the methods and learning from them as well as making tests and reproducing known results.