How to display displacement vectors of atoms in part of the model


Currently, I’m trying to use OVITO to display the displacement vectors of the atoms in my model. What I want to achieve is to only show those vectors in half of my model. So I tried to delete half of my model in OVITO and then used displacement vectors feature, but it will tell me that some particles do exist in the current configuration but not in the reference configuration. Is there anyway to avoid this issue? Thank you!

Hi Steven,
You probably have to reverse the order in which these two operations are performed in the data pipeline (deletion and displacement calculation). Keep in mind that each modifier sees a different transient state of the model produced by the upstream pipeline. A modifier won’t see the effect of other modifiers following it in the pipeline. If you place the displacement vector modifier at the beginning of the pipeline, it will see the full system and won’t complain. Afterwards, you can safely delete particles to hide some of the displacement vectors.

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Thanks for your reply Mr. stukowski!

Oh, Yes! You’re right! I tried the way you suggested and it works now! And yes, now I get it that the order of the modifications used in pipeline is very important. Thank you so much for your help!