How to enable DRUDE package?

Hi, I’m using to create an input file with drude particles, but when I try to run code in terminal I’ve been failure because drude package isn’t actived.

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How did you install LAMMPS?

The DRUDE package must be enabled before compiling LAMMPS. Please consult the LAMMPS manual for instructions, specifically these pages: 3.6. Include packages in build — LAMMPS documentation and 6.2. Package details — LAMMPS documentation

I installed it in windows terminal and I also can use it in linux by wsl2 on terminal.

But did you compile/install from source or use a binary package and in both cases it would be important to know which version was taken from where?

Same too generic answer and thus there is the same problem.

FWIW, you can always see what features are included into a specific LAMMPS binary by running:

lmp -h