How to establish non-periodic “bulk”system?

Hello all!
I am a fairly new EMC user and have been using the package to build a“bulk mixture” system. Now I want to establish a box with non-periodic boundary condition in the z-direction. What commands are available to implement this operation?
(p.s.:My model is a polymer solution system. The solvent is DMAC, and the solute is polyamide acid)
Hope anyone’s kind response.

Hi Anna,

EMC is a code to build condensed matter simulations, which assumes 3D periodicity. By design, it does not consider non-periodic boundary conditions, since insertion into a non-periodic direction would mean you could insert at infinity, which would make for an odd type of simulation. You could, however, omit periodicity in e.g. LAMMPS by using a 3D periodic system as input.

Dear Pieter,
A-ha! I have got it. Thank you so much for your response.