How to find the reference according to the DOI of Materials Project

I explore the material B2S3(DOI:10.17188/1311322),but I can not find the corresponding papers about it. How should I find the papers?

Hi Xiaoteng,

The DOI associated with a given material is not explicitly correlated with a published paper. It’s an identifier for the material itself that’s provided by the DOE’s office of science and technology information (OSTI) such that individual materials details pages can be cited. You can find more info here.

If you’re looking for a papers published about these materials, I’d recommend looking at the ICSD IDs listed at the bottom of the page and consulting any of the corresponding entries in their database.

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Dear Joseph_Montoya,

Thank you for your reply! There is no ICSD IDs for this material. So it suggests that this material is non-existent, doesn’t it?

Yeah, my guess is that it’s a theoretical material of some sort.

Note that mp-572670 is the stable phase of B2S3 on Materials Project, and this does have an ICSD and has been studied here:

Crystal Structure of B2S3: Four‐Membered B2S2 Rings and Six‐Membered B3S3 Rings

I’m also unsure of the origins of the mp-866066 phase however.

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