How to find VASP input file from MP

I have recently been calculating the lattice constants of some bulk structures and comparing them with the results on the MP. However, the magnetic FCC Fe calculation results are different from those recorded on the MP (MP-150). I wanted to look at the VASP input file for MP calculations to find difference, but didn’t know where to look. I remember that the old version of the web APP could enter a database to view the VASP input file, but I could not find the corresponding entrance in the new version of the APP. These VASP input files (INCAR, POSCAR…), can I still access it now? If so, how to access it?

Hi, yes these files are still accessible through the web interface. On the interactive structure, there’s an “export as” button that allows you to download different files. To get the INCAR, download the VASP Input Set.

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If it helps, it’s actually possible to get access to all the calculations performed clicking More/Calculations.

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