How to get battery properties with MP API?

I am a beginner of Material Project,especially the API part of it。I am wondering is it possible to get the properties such as average volt of every battery materials in the database with MP API? Thanks a lot for your answer.
Richard Dai

Hi @Richard_Dai,

Right now that API doesn’t exist. We’re in the process of writing a paper to summarize the battery data and methodology and make that API available.

Hi, @shyamd

I’m a little confused. This is because I think we can get the battery data by this way

You mean the approach as mentioned in the above link is not correct…?

Actually that should work fine. It’s not guaranteed to have any sort of stable API for now. So the structure of the data might change a bit.

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I got it! Thank you for a quick response.

Hi @ shyamd

Is it available now to use with MPRester ? I am also looking for the battery data…

@erneelgupta, please refer to the replies to this forum question