How to get icsd_ids via mp-api

I am trying to use mp-api and MPR.query(formula=‘Fe2O3’, fields=[…]) to query Fe2O3-related information from the Materials Project. May I ask how to retrieve the icsd_ids and corresponding BibTex Citation? They are displayed in the web app as follows but I didn’t find a relevant keyword to put in ‘fields’. Thanks!

Hi, I think the screenshot that you have shared is from the legacy site (, while the mp-api is primarily designed to interact with the new Materials Project site ( Most of the information will likely be the same, but the new site is constantly being updated while the legacy site is now frozen.

Link to documentation for the API: Materials Project API - Swagger UI

For using the mp-api:

If you know the material project id (MP ID) for the Fe2O3 material of interest (for example, mp-19770), then you can query the provenance doc directly. The two key fields are “database_IDs” which will retrieve the ICSD IDs and the “references” field will retrieve the BibTex citations.

# Import 
from mp_api import MPRester

with MPRester(API_KEY) as mpr:
     doc = mpr.provenance.get_data_by_id("mp-19770", field = ["database_IDs", "references"] )

# To get the ICSD ids

# To get the BibTex citations

In the case that you don’t know the MP ID of the Fe2O3 material of interest, you can also use the mp-api to get all the MP IDs associated with Fe2O3 as shown below:

from mp_api import MPRester

with MPRester(API_KEY) as mpr:

    # Query the summary doc to get the MP IDs of all Fe2O3 materials in the MP
    # You could filter by additional field arguments to reduce the amount entries returned
    # Fe2O3_docs is a list of SummaryDoc objects
    Fe2O3_docs ="Fe2O3", fields = ["material_id"])

# Create a list of the ids
mp_ids = [i.material_id for i in Fe2O3_docs]

# To then get the icsd_ids and references, we would loop over the list of MP IDs, and get the provenance doc for each material
# provenance_docs will be a list of ProvenanceDoc objects.
with MPRester(API_KEY) as mpr:
        provenance_docs =[mpr.provenance.get_data_by_id(mp_id, fields =["material_id", "database_IDs", "references"]) for mp_id in mp_ids]

# We could then look at one example from our query and print the MP ID, database IDs (if any) and references
# Let's print out the first results from provenance_docs


Hope my responses have helped!


Thank you very much! It is very clear!

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Thanks @AntObi, great post!

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