How to Make calculation of ionic conductivity with lammps

HelloDear all is there someone who have ever calculated the ionic conductivity of some ionic liquid with lammps ?? Because I didn’t Saw it in lammps’s manual , so if yes please i need some explications.

The LAMMPS manual is like the owner’s manual of a car: it tells you where all the knobs and switches are, how you operate them, and what they do, but it does not aspire to teach you how to drive. So you need to learn that separately, and that is usually best learned by receiving in-person tutoring. There are lots of things that people have done with LAMMPS that are not covered by the manual. In many ways those are also often not specific to the MD simulation software. Thus to learn how to do certain types of simulation and analysis, your best option is to search the published literature, take the description of the process and then look at the LAMMPS manual for how to realize it and which of its tools and features are applicable.


Thanks Sir