How to make faster animations in OVITO?


I am trying to make an animation of a kinetic Monte Carlo simulation that I ran in OVITO. As I am using several million steps and generate a new structure file for each step, I tried using the maximum animation speed (60 fps, x20 playback speed, every 1 frame). However, as this is still extremely too slow for my purposes, I am wondering if there is a way to make the animation run faster in OVITO?



Please note that while you’ve set your interactive viewports’ animation speed to 1200 fps, real-world limitations such as your monitor’s refresh rate and the time it takes to load simulation snapshots from your disk will likely restrict the actual frame rate to a much lower value.
For instance, even with a high-end gaming monitor capable of 240 Hz, displaying 2 million animation frames would require approximately \frac{2000000 \, \mathrm{frames}}{240 \, \mathrm{fps}} = 138.89 \, \mathrm{min}.

If your simulation involves several million steps, it might be more efficient to skip some simulation steps during playback. You can do this by adjusting the “Every Nth frame” parameter in the animation settings. This will significantly reduce the total number of frames in your animation, allowing you to capture the essential features of the simulation without unnecessary detail.