How to minimize with fix addforce?

Hello there. I got a problem when I tried to minimize the system with force tolerance after a fix addforce. I defined a force variable which increases over time linearly, and I also defined an energy variable according to the force variable. However, the energy of this system just can not decrease and the minimize process ended up with iteration limits. I wander maybe I defined the wrong energy variable. But I do not know how to fix it? Thanks for your help!

below is my code:
variable force equal 8e-9*(step)
variable forceenergy atom “-0.58e-9(step)^2”
fix increase first addforce v_force 0 0 energy v_forceenergy
dump load all custom 1000 dump.force_vel id type x y z fx fy fz
min_style fire
minimize 0 5.0e-12 1000000000 100000000000
run 10375000

How should the minimization converge if you keep increasing force and energy?

Thanks and I get your point. What I try to achieve is that to increase force a little each step, after this increase, I use minimization command. In summary, I try to add this force quasi-statically. How should I adjust my program to achieve it? Thank you very much

How about a loop where you change the force/energy with each loop iteration but not during the minimization?

Alright.Thanks for your advice and I will try.