How to query perovskite material?

I get a little trouble quering all pervoskite material, can anyone help me?

Thanks a lot!

You can use the Material Tag search outlined in the attached image to find anything we already have tagged as a perovskite.

Currently, we don’t have an algorithm performing this sort of tagging, but rather use the source information: ICSD entry or user contribution to identify a material as a perovskite, so there may be materials that this will miss.

I see, thanks a lot!

Now that the website has changed. What’s the best way to search for material tags? Is there a way to search material tags through mp_api?

@blondegeek, we are currently working to make those tags searchable via the new API. For now, I would recommend pulling every provenance document and searching through tags and remarks locally.

from mp_api.client import MPRester

with MPRester("your_api_key") as mpr:
    docs =["tags", "remarks", "material_id"])
    # Do stuff with docs...

– Jason

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