How to remove or redirect python lammps stdout?


I am using the lammps python api to compute quantities (energy, forces …) and I run several (let says hundreds) of small lammps run.

Is there a way to prevent stdout to be printed each time lammps is called ?

I use the lammps.lammps() class.


When creating the LAMMPS instance, you can pass “command line flags” to the constructor, if you use -screen none it should close the stdout file pointer. You can also silence or redirect the log file output with the -log flag. Check out the examples here: 2.3.4. Creating or deleting a LAMMPS object — LAMMPS documentation
and then study: 2.4. The lammps Python module — LAMMPS documentation
and: 4.2. Command-line options — LAMMPS documentation

Thank you.

I did the following which suppress everything, I then get/extract what I need from python.

import os
import lammps
lmp = lammps.lammps(cmdargs=["-log", "none", "-screen", os.devnull,  "-nocite"])
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Thanks for the confirming a solution.

I am curious, though: what is wrong with using -screen none? Why did you opt for redirecting the output. With -screen none you don’t even have the output written (which is saving time to format and buffer the strings)

You are true, I did not read enough the doc and I missed that the “none” option exists also for the screen command.

lmp = lammps.lammps(cmdargs=["-log", "none", "-screen", "none",  "-nocite"])